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IT Support

It's important that you perform regular maintenance on your computer, just as you would a car. I'll provide a full check of the software and clean the internals. I'll scan your computer for viruses and malware, run computer clean up commands to remove temporary files, which will help your computer run faster than before.
If your computer is running slow I'll be able to offer guidance on possible upgrades to your device; for instance, installing a new component into your computer/laptop can increase performance significantly.
Cloud Backups
We use our technology everyday to store things that are important to us; videos, pictures, essays - whatever it may be... Without backups being made, you run the risk of losing it all. I can configure your computer to automatically save data to the cloud, perform regular backups or simply create a backup memory stick for you. Let's make sure you never lose that data.
New Computers
Shopping around, buying a new computer and then having to struggle with all the set up requirements can be a real headache. The setup process can be quite daunting for those who either don't have the technical background, or those who have a busy schedule. I'll help with data transfer, remove unneeded apps, assist with software (including Office installation), virus protection and much more.
Home Based Support
Do you need help with your computer, but would rather have someone pop round to your home to help. No problem; I can travel to your house (within a 15 mile radius) and help, whether that's for tutorials, virus removal, data recovery, or something else.